Crew Management

Oceanic has been into crew management since its inception. This has been one of the core areas of expertise of the organization. Consequently, as of today, Oceanic has a pool of 30,000 marines. This resource pool is selected and pre-sea trained by Oceanic, and later on deployed on ships as per need and requirement. Technically and skill wise sound, the crew provided by Oceanic is always apt and experienced.   

In the marine services domain, crew manning is one of the core and crucial responsibilities of the crew management process. The core activities that crew management in involved in are

  • Crew Manning
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Deployment
  • Pre-Sea & Regular Training

Administrative responsibilities are also a major part of the crew management services. Other than ensuring that the crew is flawlessly transported and ready for reporting at the planned scheduled, crew management also has to deal with and take care of every nitty-gritty that is due to the resources while coordinating with ports for smooth business.

Management services provided to ships, especially the crew management services, need to have a competitive economical advantage. Oceanic is well aware of this and provides crew management services at the best possible numbers.