Flag State Document Services

One of the most interesting dimensions of the professional of merchant navy is the fact that they ply in the open sea. The ocean waters that they sail on are demarcated as waters of various countries that have a coastline running across. This is the very reason why ships have to display a flag of the country they are registered in and not necessarily belong to. Interestingly in the marine industry, a ship belongs to the country that it is registered in. Hence, the term Flag State refers to the ship displaying the Flag of the country it is registered in. Consequently a ship is bound by the maritime laws of the country it carries the flag of.

A vessel is bound by the rules of flag state:

  • Certification
  • Inspection
  • Documents of pollution 
  • Rules of safety and
  • Taxation rules

Oceanic with its global presence, operates ships that ply on the international ocean waters. It is therefore not surprising that shouldering responsibilities of management for ships has given Oceanic a wide range of exposure, including Maritime laws of various countries. This has horned Oceanic’s expertise enough to make them a strong team capable of handling flag state documentation. We deal in all kinds of marine documents, including documentations for fresh seafarers, experienced ones, crew members to higher officials. Some of the documents that each vessel needs to carry and which are taken care of under flag state documentation are:

  • Any shipping related Directives
  • Flag state provided circulars and information letters
  • Copies of the maritime conventions
  • codes and related publications

Flag state documentation is an arduous, lengthy and challenging task. With digitalization of the world now, many flag states today accept digital documents too.