Who We Are

Fastest Growing Global Leaders In Ship Manning Company, Based In India.

With a proven footprint of nearly 20 years, into Crew Management, we are assisting Ship Owners and Managers Worldwide, in all major and minor Ship activities. Our team is supported by highly experienced Officers, who are relentlessly working round the clock to maintain our Core Values and continuous expansion of our Fleet.

With over 7000 Crew Members being provided to our Ship Owners and Managers, worldwide, Oceanic Star Shipping is one of the fastest expanding global players in the domain.

Core Values





Positive Thinking

Total Commitment

Vision Statement

To be a Leading and Competitive Management Company, that is Reliable and Transparent and be able to meet and exceed Owner’s and Manager’s expectations.

Mission Statement

To provide excellence in Ship Management Services with sustainability by ensuring the Health, Safety, and Security of our crew and vessel are always safeguarded while causing no harm to the Environment.