Crew Management

Sea Personnel are the Key Members in our organisation, we have a consistent policy of recruiting eligible & skilled seafarers with strong support from our manning offices. Welfare and well-being of our sea personnel are top priorities in our company. It is our responsibility to ensure that all sea personnel are safe and healthy while serving their contract onboard. Their welfare is managed in accordance with the regulation stipulated in MLC2006.

Our crew selection process adheres strictly to the industry standard. With education and training emphasising on Safety and Environmental protection, We strive to maintain and retain the best set of crews to serve our vessels. Selection of competent crew, development and continuous training and improvement on the level of competency, and close monitoring of crew performances are just some of the strongholds in crew management.

Vessels are managed by dedicated personnel from the Seaman Section to ensure prompt attention and support are rendered to our sea personnel and client’s requests.