Oceanic Star Shipping is comprehensively conducting Training and Counselling for eligible Adults, who wish to choose the Merchant Navy as their career. During counselling, the entire procedure of our profession is explained to the person and all assistance is provided for them to enrol in the Training Program, complete it successfully and commence a Full-Time Job.
The Merchant Navy career option mainly includes the following category:

  • Navigating Officers (Deck Side Officers).
  • Marine Engineer Officers (Engine Side Officers).
  • Crew Members (To assist the Officers).
  • Other Ranks (Electrical Officers, Administrative Officers, Hospitality Department, Doctors, etc.).
  • B.Sc (Nautical Science) – a Degree Level Qualification course of 3 Years.
  • Diploma Nautical Science – a Diploma Level Qualification course of 1 Year.
  • Pre-Sea Training for GP Rating – a 6 Months entry-level route for Deck and Engine crew ratings.
  • Saloon Rating Training- In the maritime the "saloon rating" refers to the dining and living area on a ship typically used by officers and crew for meals and relaxation and various tasks on board or when off duty.
Oceanic Star Shipping is also actively involved in Training and Counselling existing crew. Depending on their Appraisals, identified weak areas are attended to, including QHSE and Safe Working Practices, in order to provide the safest crew who is apt, experienced and well trained.