Oceanic Star Shipping introduces itself as one of the most reliable partners in Crew Management with RPS License received in 2002 and fully MLC 2006 Compliant. Oceanic Star Shipping provides an experienced and professional crew along with efficient services, tailored to your needs. Oceanic Star Shipping has been into Crew Management Services since 2002 and our crew is Manning Tankers, Containers, Bulk Carriers, RoRo vessels of all Tonnages in the Main Fleet. Oceanic Star Shipping reaffirms its position in the industry as a Crew Management Company, committed to providing the highest level of service to its Principals, at all times.
Oceanic Star Shipping is actively involved in Training and encouraging crew on the importance and adherence to QHSE. Depending on Appraisals, the identified weak areas are attended to, to provide the safest crew who is apt and experienced. Due to our visible efforts with positive results, we are proud to see a very high crew retention rate.
Oceanic Star Shipping is also well connected and established to provide Crew of various nationalities, to meet special recommendations from Owner’s / Manager’s, due to Operational and Technical reasons.