Commercial Operation and Chartering

OSSPL is an experienced commercial manager for clients seeking optimal earnings in distressed market conditions.

  • Our chartering and operations team is comprised of shipping professionals with vast networks and proven track record. Our shipping expertise and geographical focus gives us a competitive edge amongst our peers.
  • The operations team performs close monitoring of vessels’ performance and compliance with charter party terms and close monitoring of all vessels’ communications with constant follow up, when corrective actions are necessary.
  • Experienced port captains visit the ships to ascertain proper structural condition, visual appearance and good operation, deal with all operational contingencies and assist in the collection of required data to safeguard against chartering disputes or other claims. Port captains perform also continuous follow up of the vessels’ maintenance with detailed scheduled works.

OSSPL provides full commercial management services to ship-owners, including:

  • Seeking and negotiating employment
  • Conclusion of charter parties
  • Arranging bunker service
  • Operating
  • Concluding period, trip and voyage fixtures on behalf of the principal
  • Performance monitoring
  • Calculating and invoicing charterers for payment of freight on behalf of principals
  • Claims handling